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Great Video: Guy In Denver Plays Real Life Grand Theft Auto, Car Jacks 3 Different People In a Morning While Police Chase Him


Link to a much better video HERE that won’t embed because of course it won’t.

NYDN - A wanted maniac led police on a wild, high-speed chase through Colorado on Wednesday after he stole a car from a gas station and then managed to carjack two other drivers during the pursuit. The alleged thief, Ryan Stone, was arrested at around 8 a.m. after he crashed at intersection outside Denver and tried to escape police by fleeing through the snow on foot, local news footage showed.

Hey that’s pretty cool. 3 car jackings in a morning. As I said before, every HOF performance happens in 3s. And this was no doubt one of the best. His car jacking form was modeled straight out of GTA. Open the door, minor struggle, throw person onto the ground and zoom off. Flawless technique. My favorite was the lady who started chasing the car. Seen it 1000 times before, has worked 0 of those times.

PS: The 4 year old who was carjacked is going to be getting so many OTPHJ at daycare. Such a badass.