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Wake Up With Professional Hitter, Nelson Cruz Hitting A Walk-Off Grand Slam In The ALCS

Nelson Cruz is such a damn good baseball player but always goes unrecognized. All he does year after year is hit a ton of dingers. 401 in his career and an outside shot at 500. Literally doesn’t matter where he plays, Texas (roids), Baltimore, Seattle, Minnesota, guy hits bombs. Back in Texas he was a postseason legend as he helped lead the Rangers to the World Series, we’re not going to talk about him blowing the Series against St. Louis because he’s a terrible fielder, but we will talk about him hitting a walk-off grand slam in Game 2 of the ALCS against the Tigers. Such a sweet swing, and when he gets ahold of one, it’s a no doubter. Twas his second homer of the night, like I said, he put teams on his back in the postseason. Fucking love my guy Nelly.