UK Commit's Mom Said She's Happy He Chose UK Because Duke Kids Are A Bunch Of Carlton Banks (aka Massive Dorks)

This is it. Get Terrence Clark's mom on the road to recruit with Coach Cal and Kenny Payne. This Is the greatest recruiting pitch I've ever heard. We know all about how teams will use things against programs when recruiting the same kid. Whether it's using sanctions at Louisville, lack of facilities, whatever, things are used in recruiting. 

But now? Now you have to deal with a mother calling an entire university Carlton Banks. 

Who would you rather be? This guy: 

Or this guy?

No brainer if you ask me. 

Really it's just an A+ insult. Calling them Carlton Banks just slaps perfectly. It's creative, it's nostalgic, everyone knows who you're talking about. You're not crossing any lines and getting people all huffy. Just an A+ insult when talking about Duke. 

Can't wait for Terrence Clark to be on campus now. But really more excited for more interviews with his mom. She's going to be a content machine.