Charles Barkley Will Not Stop Going In On The Big Women From San Antonio

There may not be a more one-sided rivalry in all of sports than Charles Barkley vs. the women of San Antonio. Every year, multiple times a year, almost nearly unprompted, Charles Barkley decides to remind everyone about their bigness and their propensity for eating fried food. And to be honest, it’s unfair. Where are these women supposed to get their shots off at Chuck? They don’t have the same national platform, they never are able to get a word in edge wise, it’s one-sided because the national media wont let the other side get their jokes off at Chuck. So this is me, a journalist with INTEGRITY, telling all the women of San Antonio to reach out and get your jokes off at Charles Barkley. He’s a pretty clean cut guy so I can’t imagine you’ll be able to dig up any dirt on him and use them as jokes at his expense. But if he’s going to say that you’re all giving churros some of the sloppiest toppy that side of the Mississippi then the least you can do is give it the old college try and launch a long overdue counterattack.