More Proof College Hoops Revolves Around Kentucky: Bucknell's Bus Had To Pull Over Because The Team Was Going Bonkers Watching UK Beat MSU

[KSR] - “I called the coaches at Bucknell and thanked them and said, ‘You did a great job with this kid,'” John Calipari said today. “You really did. And they said after their game with Fairfield, they were on the bus watching our game and when he made that three, the bus had to pull over because they were going absolutely bonkers on the bus. Which, that’s the kind of stuff that makes this great, that stuff.”

I don't blame Bucknell. Sure, they had their former player Nate Sestina on the floor, but who wouldn't want to watch this Kentucky team? You'd be a dummy not to do that. Plus, it's not like Bucknell is playing at the same level as Kentucky. Yes, they are a Division I team but they aren't competing for national titles. They aren't a Final Four contender. They aren't about to be ranked No. 1 in the country. 

Consider me a huge Bucknell fan now. Hope they go out and win the Patriot League, even if Colgate is the heavy favorite in that conference. This was the sequence that had Bucknell pull the bus over: 

Fucking beautiful. Sestina is exactly what this team was needed and honestly what Calipari needed. Cal loves to play two bigs. It's been an argument from those that want him to run a more modern offense. Well, with Sestina you can do that.

PS: How about nice guy Cal? Just out here calling other coaches to thank them for doing such a good job with players. Don't know another coach in the country that would do that.