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This Is The Most Intense And Dramatic Round Of Rock Paper Scissors That These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Gotta be honest here--I'm not even sure if I want to write a blog after watching that video. I mean nothing that I say here can possibly do that video any sort of justice. Just a remarkable scene from start to finish. The pageantry of the ref. The roar of the crowd. The theatrics of it all. What a moment in sports history. It's like if you took the Miracle on Ice and put it on crack. 

I will say this, however. Rock-Paper-Scissors should always be best 2 out of 3, and if you don't throw rock right out of the gate you are an absolute coward who should never be trusted. The gentleman's rock is an unspoken agreement that everybody should abide by. You throw the gentleman's rock at first as a sign of respect, and also so that both players can feel out the cadence of their opponent. If you're not throwing rock at first, you don't deserve to have any friends and I wish you nothing but the worst in life.