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Li'l Poopy's Dad Gets Arrested Again

brockton arrest luis rivera.jpg

BROCKTONThe father of Brockton’s pint-sized rapper, “Lil’ Poopy” was among 25 people arrested during a massive drug and gun sweep in the city Wednesday. The arrest of Luis M. Rivera, 30, came as the state Department of Children and Families is continuing a second investigation into his 10-year-old son’s home life. Authorities arrested Rivera, of 103 Green St., apt. 1, Brockton, Wednesday on a default warrant for assault and battery and charged him with possession of marijuana, police said. The state’s child welfare agency launched a second investigation into the home life of Rivera’s son, Luie “Lil Poopy” Rivera Jr., last month.

How many times have we said the Man is trying to keep Li’l Poopy down?  The City of Brockton can’t handle Poopy’s hot rhymes and gangsta style so they’re hassling him and his dad.  Big Poopy already got exonerated once, and rather than just leave him alone to be the father/ role model Li’l needs, they’re coming after him again.  It’s pure persecution at its worst.  Even if he was wanted for A&B and weed, this is Brockton we’re talking about.  In the City of Champions if that’s all they have on you, you belong on the PTA or the city council or something, not in jail.  Now what?  Li’l Poopy’s going to have to spend Father’s Day without his dad?  It’s an outrage.  The only positive that can come out of this is Poopy should be able to turn this into a great jam.  It’s what great artists do with heartache.