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Great News: Ed Debevic’s Is Reopening

The owners of the closed kitschy 1950’s-style diner Ed Debevic’s plan to sing and dance their way back into Chicago’s heart with a new Streeterville location. Owners applied for a liquor license late last month for the first floor of 159 E. Ohio Street, less than a block off Michigan Avenue.


I don't even remember how the food was at Ed's, but the food wasn't the point of the place. It was the experience. It was the waitress throwing straws at you. It was her telling you to hurry the fuck up when you are taking too long to order. It was the world's smallest chocolate sundae. It was for the kids because I have no idea if I'd want to put up with this shit as an adult, but I remember how amused by it I was when I was young.

It kinda sucks that it's not going to be right under the El, but it is what it is. A Chicago staple is back and that's really all that matters.