Barstool Sports Will Win The Greg Olsen Charity Kickball Tournament. There I Said It.



Kicksforacure – TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson Worldwide in partnership with Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen and his foundation Receptions for Research, is hosting our 10th Annual Kicks for a Cure, a charity kickball tournament. This year’s event will take place June 29, 2013, in Chicago’s Grant Park.

ABOUT KICKS FOR A CURE Kicks for a Cure is the world’s largest charity kickball tournament. The event is held annually each summer in Grant Park and hosts over 1,200 people. Kickball teams compete and have fun in an effort to raise money for cancer research. All proceeds for this event go to Receptions for Research – The Greg Olsen Foundation.


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Listen there is a lot of new famous stoolies out there in the world. But I believe if I went back and checked the records Greg Olsen would be famous Stoolie #1. Or damn near close to it. Like he was the first guy who I was like “how the fuck does he even know who we are?” So it’s obviously a natural that we are supporting his Kicks For A Cure charity event. What better way to give back then raise some money for cancer research as well as kicking everybody’s ass inside out at this thing. Newsflash Olsen I’m not flying 10 people out to Chicago and spending thousands of dollars to play tiddlewinks. We’re coming to win and win big. And when we do the only thing I expect in return is to re-record the 7th Floor Crew song in studio with you singing your hook. We’ll see your ass June 29th.

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PS – We need uniform ideas ASAP