Casting A Batman Movie Ft. Robbie Fox

With more and more casting members being announced for the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman movie, I got the urge to do one of my old fashioned casting blogs. As always, I recruited Robbie to lend his input so we can put it up for a vote. At the end of the blog, vote for your pick or write in your own. I'll have a follow up with the results along with some of your better write-in answers.

As it stands, here is the current cast:

Batman - Robert Pattinson (Good Time)

Catwoman - Zoë Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road)

The Riddler - Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood)

Commissioner Gordon - Jeffrey Wright (Boardwalk Empire)

The Penguin - Colin Farrell (S.W.A.T.)

Alfred - Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings)

Here is some of our picks:

I'll admit that the stellar green outfit by Zendaya doesn't help my case here, but de Armas is the total package. Outstanding actress and the perfect look for a darker version of the character.

It's VERY hard to beat the Hardy version, but I think Bautista has the size and personality to bring a great iteration of Bane to life. I think the Mountain would be a great choice if the direction is camp, but he is almost TOO large for a serious role.

Edward Norton is OUTSTANDING at playing crazy and dark characters. Jonah was obviously rumored to actually have this role in real life, and anyone who has seen 'Maniac' knows he has the chops for it as well. I'm just not sure if we are at the point where general audiences will be able to dissociate him as a funny guy. I actually agree with Robbie that PWH would be a fantastic choice. He's been killing it lately in movies like 'I, Tonya', and could be a great comic relief. Can't wait for 'Richard Jewell', my friend!

Jake G is an extremely underrated actor, in my humble opinion. He was a fantastic villian in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' in a role that required him to play both a normal protagonist and a crazy antagonist, which fits right into the Dent character. Bardem is also incredible, but he just always screams evil to me no matter what movie I see him in.

Miller is simply an actual crazy person, and perfect at playing eccentric weirdos. I love Robbie's Pattinson pick as well, though. Also, I just need to get this off my chest. If you don't like RP because you still associate him with Twilight, fuck you. He's been in plenty of roles since that franchise ended that have been outstanding, and he has more than proven that he is one of the better young actors.

Cranton is the best, and I wouldn't mind if he got a role in every piece of media I consume for the rest of my life. The same sort of goes with Cox, though, who has been around the block in some great movies/shows. Seeing Gordon telling Batman to *Logan Roy voice* FUCK OFF would be electric.

Deutsch is a a rising star that is going to get a lot more recognition over the next few years. I definitly see the vision in Ritter, though, who is unbeleivably badass in 'Jessica Jones'.

I think this is the perfect role for a guy like Harrington. In my vision for this movie, Robin isn't the overeager brown-noser from the comics or anything like that. He's just second fiddle to a bigger protagonist.Thats where a guy like Harrington can excel, in my opinion. Although again, I can't fault Robbie for his pick. Davis was one of the highlights from 'Terminator: Dark Fate'.

James Earl Jones is a living legend. I don't think he would do the role because of his age, but he would be PERFECT. His whole aura just screams wisdom and knowledge, and he has one of the best voices of all time.To be frank, I'm done with Kingsley in comic book movies after 'Iron Man 3'.

In my vision for this Batman, it's dark like the Nolan trilogy with a bit more of the fantasy elements included. I think LaKeith Stanfield is perfect for this kind of role. He is capable of playing both the raised-rich snob, and the depressed man tortured by his parents death.

Do you like our picks? Hate them? Vote below!: