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Will Smith Live-Vlogged His Colonoscopy For Clout, And Then They Found A Pre-Cancerous Polyp

Anything for clout. That’s why Will Smith is worth a billion dollars and I’m blogging about his ass. Will Smith is one of those people who are just born with “it”. Can’t teach it, just need to have it. And Will Smith has it in droves. He’s done it all- acted on TV, movies, had hit songs, number 1 albums, and now is taking over the IG game by having cameras shoved up his bhole. The true king of all media.

And as it turns out, it was a really, really good thing he was clout chasing because they found something up there:

TF - “It’s 2019, gotta get our health right,” Smith said in the vlog. “There’s a certain amount of commitment and embarrassment involved with being healthy. You just gotta do it, man.”

The vlog introduced Smith’s physician, Dr. Ala Stanford, who urged Smith to get the colonoscopy now that the actor is in his 50s.

The rest of the video took viewers through the ordeal: Smith fasting with only clear liquids before the procedure, the actor getting put under anesthesia, his groggy awakening afterwards and his recuperation at home.

Post-colonoscopy, Smith had a FaceTime conversation with his doctor who revealed the father-of-three had a pre-cancerous polyp removed, which was great news.

“95% of colon cancers arise from that type of polyp that was in your colon,” Dr. Stanford explained, saying they prevented a serious health scare. “We know that screening and early detection saves lives,” she added.

Well god damn, would ya look at that? 51 years old and potentially just had his life saved. Who said Instagram can’t save a life? Now this story will get out there, and other men will get colonoscopies and potentially have polyps removed from them. Add “life saver” to Will Smith’s resume. What can’t this guy do? Nothin.

PS: Make a Wild, Wild West 2. People love to hate on that movie but it was just before it’s time. Wild, Wild West goes hard.


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