Antonio Brown Says Fuck The NFL And Your Fantasy Team, He Is Going Down Another Career Path

You know what? That's it. I am officially recommending to bench Antonio Brown in ALL formats this week and can be dropped if you need a roster spot during what is a stacked bye week. 

I can live with burning a bench spot on a player without any real semblance of sanity or an actual team employing him. You know why? Because fantasy football is all about envisioning the best possible scenarios playing out for you. Name a more talented player that can be added to an offense featuring Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, or any of the other best quarterbacks in football with the simple signature of a pen. You can't. 

However, I draw the line at calling fantasy owners a name, the F word no less!, along with what I'm guessing is a condescending cheers emoji. If Antonio Brown thinks it sucks having other people make money off the blood and sweat he got paid millions for, he should try being a fantasy player that loses sleep if not years off your life stressing out about a game where you have no real control over everything that happens any given Sunday in a league where the prize is for a couple hundred bucks. It doesn't matter if you have the best roster in the league with the highest projected scores because by 1:01 pm ET your team can be a raging inferno of poop that just hit the fan despite you imaging everything going perfect from Tuesday morning until Sunday. People that have to deal with that type of psychological torture deserve better than having to deal with the guy they probably spent a decent pick on howling at the internet moon every other week. Hopefully Antonio finds success in whatever career path he chooses next, which hopefully won't effect the moods of millions of people. 

Speaking of which, I guess the NFL can cancel this meeting in Goodell's Outlook calendar now that AB went with the "Fuck the NFL" route.

Blogger's Note: I wrote most of this blog tongue-in-cheek because who the fuck still has Antonio Brown on their team after the last 3+ months of chaos outside of dynasty leagues with deeeeeep rosters? The answer is apparently 1/3 of teams in ESPN leagues and 1/4 of people in Yahoo leagues.

God bless any of you fantasy fucks that stuck with that guy in what has to be the craziest rollercoaster season a player has ever taken fantasy teams on.

UPDATE: Antonio deleted this post in the time it took me to write this blog, either because he does that every time he gets mad online or he remembered OJ owns him in fantasy (or at least said he did because being OJ The Fantasy Football Player That Owns Every Player In The News appears to be OJ's strategy to win back America's hearts).