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We Don't Talk Nearly Enough About The Time Gilbert Arenas Pooped In Andray Blatche's Shoes

Trevor Booker was on the Washington Wizards from 2010-2014, started 105 of his 235 games and averaged 6/5 in around 20 minutes a night. You may remember those Wizards teams as a group that for the majority of that timeframe couldn't win more than 29 games, thought the Jan Vesely era was a good idea, then Bradley Beal started to come into his own, they drafted Otto Porter Jr and in the last year Booker was there they won 44 games and lost in the second round to the Pacers in six games. 

Now if there's one thing that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, it's that the Wizards locker room and culture was a complete disaster. How could we forget the whole Gilbert Arenas situation back in 2009. So it's not exactly shocking to hear that they had guys pooping in a teammate's shoe, beating people up in their hotel room on the road, and generally not giving a fuck. I mean that's a whole lot better than what those 2009 Wizards did so I guess that's an improvement. At the same time though it makes perfect sense why they were so terrible during Booker's tenure now that he gave us an inside look at what those teams were like.

I still can't get past the pooping in a shoe part though. What a diabolical move and if you had to guess who the culprit was I bet we all have the same person in mind. A little research tells us that yes, it was in fact Gilbert Arenas that was pooping in Andray Blatche's shoes while also having his suit cut up. Brutal.

Maybe it's because my brain has turned to mush after so much time on the internet, but I totally forgot this all came out 9 years ago. I love how Gilbert isn't shy about it either, instead he wears it as a badge of honor. He even put out this cameo just last year

Poop, sole, poop. What a move by Arenas. Anyone can poop in a shoe, but to put it under the sole? That takes dedication to your craft. If this is what we know about during those Wizards years, imagine what we don't know? This is a team with Gilbert, JaVale McGee, Nick Young etc, and if they are going to be so cool about pooping in shoes I can only imagine what else Trevor Booker witnessed that we don't know about.

In fact, I need someone to write a book about this Wizards era. I need more details and I need them immediately. It's been long enough, I say air it all out and let the rest of us in on what life was really like.