Watching Carmelo's Pump Up Speech To Syracuse After They Scored 34 Points Is The Saddest Thing I've Seen

The fact that this came out and I watched this after I saw Syracuse score 34 points (the lowest ever in Boeheim's 3,000 years there) just makes it even more hilarious and sad. Here comes Melo, the guy who saved Boeheim's legacy. The guy who won him a ring. One of the best college hoops players of our era. He's out here doing a solid and surprising the team, giving them a pump up speech before the first game of the regular season, only for this to happen. 

Now here's what sucks. Everyone is going to blame Carmelo for this. The jokes will be about how he gave the pump up speech and led them to this disaster. Instead the blame should be on Jim Boeheim, who I'm quite sure hasn't run an offense since Melo was there. 

Such a fall from grace for Syracuse.