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The Future Is Here - Haskins, Guice, And McLaurin Will Finally Share The Field For Your Washington Redskins

I hate Dan Snyder. I hate him so much. I want nothing but bad things to happen to him. But I love the young players on this team. I want nothing but good things to happen to them. I want Haskins to grow and develop into the absolute stud he was drafted to be. I want Guice to put these injuries behind him and be the running back who dominated at LSU. And I want Terry McLaurin to keep being Terry McLaurin. And with their powers combined…

…we potentially have one of the best young offenses in the league. It’s true, it’s damn true.

It needs a lot of work though, for sure. Losing Jordan Reed hurts Haskins’ development a lot. Not having that reliable tight end to check down to sucks. Chris Thompson not being able to stay on the field as the reliable 3rd down, pass catching back sucks. Not having Trent Williams playing sucks. Not having any other WR options besides McLaurin sucks. Basically, there’s a wholeeeee lot of suck going on out there. But what doesn’t suck is having 3 (potential) young studs on offense. Less we forget how good Haskins was at Ohio State. Some scouts had Guice neck and neck with Saquon when it came to RB rankings. And we have seen how good McLaurin is. A stud.

So finally, in week 11, we will see all 3 play at once, against the Jets no less! No better game than to get all 3 in the groove than a home game, after the bye week, vs the Jets.

Is this the start of something real? We shall see. There’s still a ton, a metric shit ton, of work to be done on this team. But at least there’s a glimmer of sunshine in this dark, terrible Redskins world.

Now of course as long as Dan Snyder owns the team and Bruce Allen runs it there is a 0% chance of a Super Bowl or anything like that, but at least seeing the young kids ball out will be fun until something goes catastrophically wrong.