Craigslist Ad of the Day - Don't Sell My Pink Hat Fan Ex-girlfriend Bruins Tickets - $13 (Boston)



Craigslist - My ex-girlfriend is a pink hat Boston Bruins fan. She claims to be a Bruins fan but loves the San Jose Sharks, total bandwagon fan. She broke up with me right after the first round home games in Boston. She met some Leafs fan in Boston, spread herself open to the point he took her to Toronto for game 3. I am a season ticket holder but my seats are 3rd row balcony apparently they weren’t good enough for her so she started spreading her legs like a slut to get lodge seats from some other asshole fan. Now shes trying to get back with me, yeah right pink hat fan. The point of this post is to warn people that this bitch is a fake fan and known for replying to craigslist ads to suck & fuck for tickets. Total slut….

Wait a minute.  Is this guy trying to help or hurt his ex girlfriend here?  I mean he’s basically saying she’ll fuck on command for good seats. Way to get people to no not want to take her dude. If he really wanted to spite her he’d say she’s a tease and will talk all sorts of nasty shit about what she’s gonna do to you only to leave you with blue balls once the game is over. Now that would stop people from selling her the tickets or inviting her. But saying she’ll do anything for good seats? Where do I sign up?

PS – I have no idea whether any of this is true, but whoever posted this…bitter much?

Double PS – My biggest pet peeve about the B’s being in the Stanley Cup playoffs is all the pink hat fans come flying out of the woodwork like clockwork.  I hate that shit. Where were you in round 1 of the playoffs bro?