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Dude Gets Tasered By A Big Crew Of Black Chicks After Hitting On Them

Perhaps the most bizarre video I’ve ever seen. One second this dude is hitting on all these chicks and everyone is kinda smiling and laughing, and the next second fucking Mable from the WWF is tasering the shit out of him. Kicking him and running his pockets and what not. Guy takes a fucking header off the metal gate and then next thing you know everyone is just smiling all goofy and walk away casually. Poor bastard gets detained by some sort of meter maid. Seriously that fat bitch was just giggling the whole time. She reminded me of this dude from 8 Mile:

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.04.24 AM


I don’t know if its a white and black thing but I can’t offer a single ounce of analysis as to why this all went down. Its almost like the same thing as Waffle House Fights. I don’t ask questions, I just enjoy them.