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Giants Win, Make Me Realize Being A Giants Fan Isn't Half As Bad As Being A Redskins Fan


I could be a pessimist here. Tell Justin Tuck to take his 4 sacks & shove him up his too-late ass. Wonder why Eli waited until last night to complete almost 80% if his passes when just another completion or two last week could’ve had Big Blue still breathing. Or I could say, “Hey, great job guys. Way to beat another team fighting for the #1 overall pick.” Then I realized the Redskins don’t HAVE a #1 pick. They traded it, with about 395 other picks, to get RG3. The RG3 who, after leading their impressive 7-game win streak to make the playoffs last season (and an injury), has regressed to essentially a non-threat. Sure, it’s early in his career & he can bounce back. Still, if I’m a Skins fan rooting for a squad that’s made the playoffs just 4 times in 21 years despite all their trades and signings, I’m wondering if forking over all those picks was worth it. All their losing does is make the Rams a better team in 2014. Sucks for you, Nate.

So I guess I should be a little more appreciative of what the Giants have done recently. Usually in the playoff mix until the very end with a couple of ridiculous Super Bowl runs. Yeah, this year is pretty bad – but countering an 0-6 start with a 5-1 stretch has gotta count for something. I’ll just root for Eli to use the rest of this season to get back some confidence and stop playing scared. Let’s see if Andre Brown can hold up as a workhorse back, if DaMonster can be a force & if Randle will be a legitimate replacement for Nicks (who’s seemingly playing himself out of a re-signing). Then hopefully Killdrive gets the boot, Reese works some mid-round draft magic and presto – the Giants are back to their old selves. Either squeaking into the playoffs to make a run or at least waiting ’til the bitter end to kick me square in the dick.