Shout Out Kent State's Kalin Bennett Who Became The First Person With Autism To Get A Bucket In A DI Game

Sometimes there's just something about sports, man and this is one of those times. Kent State's Kalin Bennett became the first person with autism to receive a scholarship to play hoops at the DI level. 

I said this in that previous blog when he became the first person to receive a scholarship and it's worth saying again. Not a whole lot to say here besides how awesome this is. Kalin Bennett is a 6’10” basketball recruit from Arkansas who is signing with Kent State. But, it’s more than that. The fact that he has autism and was able to battle through that to be one of the small percentage of basketball players to receive a Division I scholarship is beyond an incredible story to begin with.

Take a look at how his teammates reacted when he scored - which was a pretty looking jump hook! I mean that's a decent move for a freshman, no matter who you are. Got the foul, nice soft touch and got to his spot. 

This is part of what makes college sports awesome. There are stories like this almost every day. All I know is Kalin Bennett can play on my team any day of the week. First bucket, now go get MAC Rookie of the Year. 

PS: I highly suggest watching this video from his scholarship announcement.