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Baker Mayfield Shaved Off His Handlebar Mustache Because He "Didn't Deserve It"

Before the Game on Sunday:

After the Game on Sunday:

Alright so obviously the Baker postgame picture went viral this weekend. I personally feel it's a BAD look for him to shave before the press conference. You know you looked like a fool, you gotta face the music like that. So what happened here, Baker? Aside from the obvious fact that the Browns played absolutely terrible (again) and the once aspiring Super Bowl contenders are now 2-6 and basically eliminated from any sort of playoff contention, my question is why did Baker feel the need to shave off the sides of his handlebar mustache in-between the end of the game and the post-game press conference? Well here's what he said...

BINGO! You don't deserve it! But let's elaborate a little bit more than that, buddy. Don't try and be funny and say you were undefeated with it. Let's call a spade a spade. It is a 100% fact that you thought we were going to walk all over the Broncos because they were 2-6. You thought this would be one of those weeks where you could come out with some swagger, play well, and everyone would love you. You specifically chose to do this against the Broncos, not the Patriots. And it's because for some reason, these Browns still think our 2-6 record isn't as bad as everyone elses. Like we're having a spell of bad luck or something. Ummm, no. We just flat out STINK.

As you can tell, I'm as out on Baker Mayfield as you can be right now. Does that mean I'll never get back in? No, absolutely not. If he starts winning, he'll be my favorite player again. It's fun to win with someone like that as your leader. But it is as clear as day right now that Baker likes to chirp A LOT when he's winning, and he tucks his tail when he's losing. Just act Nick Bosa how Baker acted when he was down a million to zero against the 49ers....

"He didn't say one word back." Yup, that's our quarterback. Thought he was hot stuff because he led the Browns to a 7-8-1 season last year. But now that you get to look at more clearly, he's 2-10 against winning teams, and it's kinda hard to be cocky when you aren't winning football games.

Honestly, I really don't even care anymore about the rest of the Browns games. If we're not making the playoffs, I'd rather have a top draft pick. We would have to win out for the rest of the season to even have a chance at making the playoffs at 10-6, and there's a 0.0% chance that happens. So winning four of our last eight to go 6-10 is no better than going 3-13, for me.  But either way, we still can't focus on football in Cleveland. We've got OBJ stealing the spotlight each week with his newest fashion trend on his feet, and now we've got facial hair watch for Sunday on the online gambling sites:

I will say this: clean-shaven has some really good value here. If I'm Baker Mayfield, I'm getting rid of the mustache and just focusing on football this week. But the way these Browns operate, he might come out with muttonchops and a soul patch.