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Rich Eisen Dropping A New Theory On Why Mitch Trubisky Stinks

“The coach used all of these gimicks last year and the rest of the league has sniffed it out. Trubisky does not know how to do the basics BECAUSE it was so gimicky last year. The offense this year has been smoked out…and the kid, when it comes to going through reads and progressions like regular base football…can’t do it.”–Rich Eisen

Well this is a new one. It makes Matt Nagy sound like a one trick pony so to speak. He ran all these gimicks. Emptied his bag of tricks, sacrificed the development of his “franchise” quarterback along the way, and now the league knows what is coming and Nagy has no options left because his quarterback’s development was so stunted.


Maybe Nagy got to training camp and thought he HAD to pull out all the tricks and gimicks because he realized Mitch couldn’t run a conventional offense. It’s honestly impossible to tell what is going on anymore. There is plenty of blame to go around. Mitch misses guys running wide open ALL the time. Multiple times per game. And those are the obvious plays where he actually sees the open man, makes the right read, and just over or under throws the receiver by 5 yards. It also seems like Nagy has NO idea how to play to Mitch Trubisky’s strengths or even the team’s strengths.

All we know at the end of the day is that the offense STINKS. There is one small part of my brain that makes me feel better about Pace if Nagy is mostly to blame. Maybe Pace didn’t miss as badly in the 2017 draft as it seems. Maybe he got a decent young QB, but his coach absolutely fucked it up beyond repair. I feel like that is at least possible. And if that is possible maybe Pace gets another chance at a hiring a new coach. A guy who just wants to run the ball. Play great defense. And has proven he can take an average QB all the way to the Super Bowl.

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