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Nobody Tell James Harden That KD Is Not Longer On The Warriors And Let's See How Long We Can Keep This Up For

I need you guys to all do me a huge favor, okay? When you see James Harden in your normal day-to-day life, please do not tell him that Kevin Durant is no longer on the Warriors. I know it's going to be difficult when you get into conversation with him since it's something that would just pop up naturally, but we need to see just how long we can keep this going for. 

Now what I'm really interested in here is what James Harden thought was going on when the Rockets played in Brooklyn last week. How confused do you think he was when he saw Kevin Durant there sitting on the Nets' bench? Do you think he figured since KD is injured the Warriors just let him go across the country to scout some games? All I know is that if we can make it to the point where James Harden sees Kevin Durant in a Brooklyn Nets uniform before anybody tells him, that reaction is going to be priceless.