'Stranger Things' Writers Dropped The Title Of Season 4, Episode 1 Last Night

So last night Stranger Things’ Twitter account dropped this cryptic little teaser for season 4’s premier.  All it had was the title of EP1 and the Duffer Bros as its writers, but it got juices flowing nonetheless.

Episode title: ‘The Hellfire Club’

Sounds awesome.  We’re moving towards the shittiest part of the year aka winter, so I’ll need a TV show to binge watch while I am in hibernation for weeks on end.  Stranger Things is perfect binge watching TV.  I’ll argue one of the best ever, though it’s not quite on my pantheon of great series.

Yesterday was apparently also “Stranger Things Day” and Stranger Things’ Twitter account also had all of the actors wishing the world a happy holiday.  Okay.  Kinda corny but whatever.  But…. they’re all like goddamn adults now.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the show.  I mean I get that aging does in fact happen but Lucas….

….man you’re AT LEAST 40

And Eleven?  Same shit.  Only a matter of time before she is dating one of the seniors at her HS and tells all those losers looking for monsters in the upside down to fuck off.

And don’t get me started on this asshole.  Mike should be an extra in Dazed and Confused II:

Ageism aside, like I said, can’t wait for season 4 to come out.  Should be a real hoot.  The last season was great is the whole series in general.  Not like ‘fuck you’ great but really solid.  Again, perfect binge TV.

Now give me Yasmani Grandal, Dellin Bentances, Anthony Rendon, Will Smith, Gerrit Cole and Zach Wheeler and get me to March. Thx.