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Wake Up With New Mets Manager, Carlos Beltran Hitting A Rocket Onto The Shea Bridge

I haven’t done much research on this so excuse me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Carlos Beltran is the only manager in baseball to hit a homer onto the Shea Bridge at Citi Field. Is that a commonly known thing that there is a bridge out there? I mean I’ve never been to Citi Field but that seems like an awesome thing to aim for in right center. Lefty power alley and a bridge is right there? Oh boy. And that thing is a shot too, like the broadcast said, there can’t be a long list of people who have done this. I imagine Prince Fielder when healthy on the Brewers could, Harper, Freddie Freeman probably. IDK how I never noticed it, but that’s pretty damn cool. Also neat that Beltran, probably a future Hall Of Famer hit this homer off of another future Hall Of Famer. Will be interesting to see how the Mets fans rip Beltran to shreds like they’ve done with every manager in recent history, but lets hope it works out for Carlos and the Mets!