Robin Lopez Will Not Stop Beating The Shit Out Of NBA Mascots

Robin Lopez vs NBA mascots is one of the best and longest rivalries in all of sports. In fact, I'm not sure anyone on earth enjoys anything as much as Robin Lopez loves beating the shit out of NBA mascots. So to see Chuck The Condor attempt a prank like this and try and trick Robin into signing an official legal document declaring that Brook is actually the better brother, he had to know that Robin was about to bring the pain. This is confusing because condors are known for being pretty smart birds. Did you know they are called flying primates because they are so smart? Bet you didn't but that's just a little bird fact for ya, feel free to use that out at the bars, it plays. Anyway you would think such a smart bird would know that trolling Robin Lopez is a terrible idea. The man sees a mascot and instantly becomes filled with rage. Doesn't matter what city, what type of mascot, Robin Lopez will not rest until he conquers them all.

See for yourself