Mitch Trubisky Wants The TV's Turned Off Because They're Mean

I don't share this to bitch about Mitch. And I certainly don't want to drag on about how much the offense has regressed this season in proportion to his expectations, potential and designed 5-step drops. If you want that content just tune into literally any of the last 16 episodes of Red Line Radio. There's virtually nothing left to be said without repeating every known sentiment across our fan base at this point in time. 

I will however take a quick second to note that turning off the TV's is actual rock bottom. It's so bad I'm struggling to exaggerate. We're talking about network fucking television. Daytime, programmed sports debates about whether a broken Cam Newton is enough for the 2020 Bears to compete. THE TWENTY TWENTY BEARS. 

That's the national story line floating around right now that has TV's at Halas Hall getting unplugged. It's PTI, and Skip Bayless and the ghost of Mike Greenberg and all the other national noise makers using Cam Newton's IR news to talk offseason strategy because there's nothing else to talk about on a Wednesday over lunch. Literally nothing. So let's take one of the league's biggest stories (The Bears are bad) and intersect it with one of the league's most polarizing players (Newton) and then just forecast that bitch out over the next 6 months. Ipso facto all these dying media giants get another 15 minutes of weekly programmed debate sandwiched between Progressive Insurance commercials.

When you think about it like that, who gives a fuck about the TV? Certainly not anyone trying to win a game this weekend and now's the time I remind everyone for the last time that the Bears are laying 2.5 at home to an overvalued Detroit Lions. 

Just stay with me...

We get to 4-5 Sunday. It's not pretty but we're there with some regret. We then crack a small window of hope about how 5-5 after a tough road win against the Rams brings the exact momentum we need. 5-5 and it's anyone's season. Then we double up against the Giants and Lions to close out the best November in Chicago Bears history. Dallas primetime at home on Thursday Week 14 and next thing you know the Bears are going to Lambeau Field on 12/15 at 8-5. Five in a row with confidence and now on the road to Kansas City week 16. Nagy uses his homecoming to remind everyone that the 2018 Coach Of The Year award was no fluke and we all forget that weeks 1-9 of the 2019 season robbed our souls so much that the starting quarterback and face of the franchise was at one point walking around with a universal remote turning off televisions throughout the home office. 

We get there and it's anyone ball game.