Few People On The Planet Are On The Type Of Heater That NBA Champion Drake Is On Right Now

(TMZ) - Kylie Jenner and Drake are in a relationship ... but it's the same relationship they've been in for a long time -- just friends.

Sources close to both Kylie and Drake tell TMZ ... they are not spending any romantic time together, as other outlets have reported or speculated. We're told they've been at some events together -- including the rapper's recent 33rd birthday party -- simply because they are pals.

Their friendship has endured despite Drake's beef with Kylie's bro-in-law, Kanye West, but our sources add ... in no way, shape or form are they dating.

We're also told Kylie currently isn't seeing anyone at all and has no desire to do so ... she's happy for now just being a mom to Stormi.

We broke the story ... Kylie's still been spending a lot of time with Travis Scott since their split -- cohabiting at her crib and doing fun stuff with their daughter together. Our sources say they are maintaining a good friendship and plan on a lot of quality family time together during the upcoming holidays.

No word if Drake will be hanging with Kylie more too, but if he does ... we're assured it'll be platonic.

Raise your hand if you believe this denial. Yup, didn't see any hands raised because who on earth would think this wouldn't be true. I'll give it to Drake, the man is on quite a heater these last few months. Takes over the NBA Finals and unleashes mental warfare on the Warriors which helped his team win the whole damn thing. Then he got himself two sweet ass championship rings for his efforts 

and now he's being linked to one of the hottest and richest women on the planet. Now I know what you're thinking, why the hell am I blogging this? Well because the first thing they teach you in Blogger School is the Jenners/Kardashians put asses in seats so if you thought this was just a cheap way to include a shit ton of Kylie's Instagram pictures then you my friend are correct. No need to overthink things, just play the hits. You don't have to thank me, just trying to help you fine stoolies out. Enjoy.