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Kevin Durant Moving Well And Casually Making Jumpers Is Awesome To See

Even though it's been pretty well communicated that Kevin Durant will not be returning this season, I figured there may be some Nets stoolies out there might need a little pick me up after watching their team be under .500 despite playing the 2nd easiest schedule to start the season. Contrary to what you might think, I have no ill will towards BKN or their fans. Maybe it's because I'm more than happy with Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and my current point guard that has the Celts looking better than ever. But as someone who has gone through a max player's rehab, I understand how important it is to see any and every bit of video evidence that one of your best players is making legit progress. It all matters, which is why I do the same thing with Victor Oladipo as he works his way back. Every little bit helps. Which brings us to that Durant video.

I mean I'm not a doctor but it's only been 147 days since Durant had surgery on his torn achilles so to see him moving around like that is a great sign. We're all wondering what he'll look like once he's back given his age, and who knows maybe this video is our first sign that Durant is a quick healer or something. I remember when Boogie put out that documentary about his rehab and how long it took him to even walk, this video would have me excited as a Nets fan. Sure they are different players with different bodies and all that but it gave us an idea of what hell it is to come back from this type of injury.

Of course, this is just one step in the miles long journey that Durant will have to go through to get back on the court. Everyone knows that. But the fact that he's moving this well, this early and is still very much a bucket is a great sign for basketball fans everywhere. Even for someone who is a fan of a division rival. As someone who enjoys watching Kevin Durant play basketball I truly hope he comes back and is the same player and this video has my brain thinking that's exactly what we're going to get. For those who may not remember, that dude rules