Give Up One For The Rest Of Your Life - Cream Cheese Or Ketchup?

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This was a question posed from Stoolie @mistah_rogers via instagram video. Give up one for the rest of your life. Everyone on the show agreed it was a no brainer, just very different opinions. Big Cat and Feitelberg said ketchup in a landslide. I said there is absolutely no chance I’m giving up bagels with cream cheese for the rest of my life.

Its an interesting argument. Big Cat and Feits said that ketchup gets used much more frequently than cream cheese. Which is probably true for most people. I get that ketchup can be used on fries and burgers and home fries and eggs and all sorts of other shit. But thats just because its a generic condiment. Ketchup does not make or break a meal. Sure, it compliments some things very well. But it can be replaced. Theres a million other condiments. Hot sauce, BBQ sauce, cheese dip, ranch, chipotle mayo, chipotle ranch, blue cheese, the list goes on and on.

Cream cheese on the other hand, is like a food of its own. Take ketchup away from fries and a burger and you still have fries and a burger. Take cream cheese away from a bagel and you just have bread. Don’t give me that shit about fucking butter. And dont you dare say put PEANUT BUTTER on a bagel. Bagels – cream cheese. End of story. And if you don’t have cream cheese you can’t have a good bagel ever again. Not too mention cream cheese is in buffalo chicken dip, cheesecake, and virtually every delicious cake icing. Bottom line is, cream cheese brings more value to bagels and desserts than ketchup bring to the various foods you dress up with some Heinz.

Ketchup does nothing more than mask the taste of the food you are eating, where as cream cheese is the food.

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