How In The World Is #1 Ohio State vs. #4 Penn State Is A NOON Game?

You've got to be kidding me. AGAIN? I just got done sending my letter of complaint to the NCAA about how they allowed the Ohio State / Wisconsin game to be scheduled before I even eat breakfast, and now they're going to make me dip my quill again for the Penn State game. Except this one is way worse. Folks, we're talking about the newly established NUMBER ONE team in the nation hosting another playoff team if the season ended today. NOON?? And I know it's all about money, but at some point I want the atmosphere of the game to be considered. But that's just not the way the world works anymore. Ohio State's three biggest games this year are all at noon: #6 Wisconsin, #4 Penn State, and obviously Michigan. That is flat out WRONG. I'm mad.

What an absolute joke. Noon games of this caliber should be a crime. And there's no way anyone under the age 100 is happy about this. College football is all about the atmosphere, and it just isn't the same when you have to go right from bed to the stadium. What happened to the tailgate? And happened to getting hydrated?

And even getting away from the fan side of things, I think that this hurts the Buckeyes football team. I'd like to think the rowdy night atmosphere favors the home team (even though our record at the vaunted Penn State night whiteout says otherwise).

I will say I find it a little funny that Penn State always gets to host us at night, but that can't be the same in Columbus. Because you can't tell me there isn't some extra juice in those players when the crowd is absolutely rocking in the dark. Once again, the Buckeyes keep having to play at noon is just another reason the world is out to get us. They don't do this to Alabama! They get to host LSU at 3:30!

The fact of the matter is that this is a slippery slope that we're going down. As long as Fox has this Big Noon Kickoff or whatever it's called, the Big 10 is going to play their biggest games at the worst of times. Noon is way too early for a big football game. 

**Only saving grace is that we get to welcome Urban Meyer (who never lost at noon while he's here) back to Columbus again. And I don't hate Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt on the call either. But can't we have some fun just one time??