You Can Bet On Whether Donald Trump Will Be Booed At Alabama-LSU This Weekend

Donald Trump will be in Tuscaloosa this weekend for Alabama's game against LSU. It's going to cause absolute havoc for anyone who is trying to attend the game:

I saw it first hand this past weekend in NYC as our office is right near MSG, where UFC 244 was held. He pretty much shut down midtown. 

The big question is whether or not the President will be booed. He was booed in DC during the World Series and there were mixed reports of his welcome at MSG during UFC 244. It kind of feels like he is going on a tour to see where he can get the most cheers.

Whether or not Trump will be booed can be bet on:

I'm sure the limits of this are incredibly low and this is just a PR move by Bovada, but the "must be reported by CNN" is an interesting tidbit. If there are only a few boo's, CNN may report this being "Yes." With that being said, I think the #value is on Yes +120. Will he actually be booed? Probably not. I mean it's Alabama, y'all. Trump won it by 28 percentage points in 2016. 

Should be interesting. Joe Burrow seems excited:

Burrow already a professional giving the right answers. Future #1 pick?

P.s. Throwback to the last time Trump was at an Alabama game: