Nebraska Girl (Val Midwest) In Trouble For Posing Nude In Front Of Her Catholic High School After She Graduated

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LINCOLN, Neb.A Nebraska woman faces charges after she bares it all at a Lincoln Catholic high school. Valerie Dodds, known online as Val Midwest, was cited on suspicion of public nudity after posing outside a Lincoln Catholic school in mid-May. When Valerie Dodds graduated Lincoln East High School, after transferring from St. Pius X High School during her senior year, she took a different path. “It looked like something that I just kind of wanted to try, I guess,” Dodds said. For fun, the 19-year-old started a nude photo business several months ago, but said her classmates did not like it. “That’s when all of the Pius kids were saying mean things and that’s when I decided to go there and show them that I’m here to stay,” she said.She bared it all on school grounds late at night on Mother’s Day. Days ago, she received a ticket, citing her for trespassing and public nudity.“Why would you give me a ticket for public nudity if I’m trespassing onto private property?” Dodd said.

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Melissa Midwest

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