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BREAKING: We've Got a Hostage Situation at the Home of Yesterday's 63-Year-Old Sex Scandal Teacher

SourceA shooting investigation has shut down a portion of Hambright Road in Huntersville, and police are asking residents to avoid the area.

Sources told Channel 9 officers were called around 8 a.m. to the home of 63-year-old Garinger High School teacher Emma Ogle, who last week was arrested after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. …

Numerous police cruisers responded to the shooting scene, but investigators have not released any other details and it was still unclear who had been shot. …

Police said they think there is a suspect barricaded inside the house with a gun and have called a SWAT team to the scene.

An active hostage situation with a possible shooting involved and SWAT teams on the scene is no time for irresponsible comments and wild, uninformed speculation. It’s a time for hoping for a peaceful resolution to this crisis and prayers for the safety of all involved.

For the details on Emma Neil Ogle’s arrest, I posted this late yesterday afternoon:

And suffice to say, in the 10 years or so that these SST stories have been appearing on this site, never once has one resulted in gun violence, to the best of my recollection. Let’s not start now. The world is a grim enough place filled with way too much senseless killing as it is. Thoughts and prayers that it doesn’t happen here.

UPDATEA high school teacher, who was accused of having sex with a student, and her husband are dead following a SWAT situation at their Huntersville home Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Forgive me for not wanting to do a whole blog about this. Instead I’ll just update this one. It’s tremendously tragic. Here’s hoping the survivors somehow manage to find peace. And the deceased as well.