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Evander Kane Is Being Sued By A Casino In Las Vegas For Allegedly Having $500,000 In Unpaid Gambling Markers

Evander Kane and Vegas go together like peanut butter and a nuclear bomb. Now up until this point, that rivalry has stayed either on the ice or in the locker rooms with some back-and-forth quotes to the media like the time he called Ryan Reaves the Muffin Man.

Evander Kane hates the Vegas Golden Knights and the Vegas Golden Knights hate Evander Kane right back. It’s great for the game where so many players are so afraid to admit that they actually have some hatred toward one another. Besides Drew Doughty and Matthew Tkachuk, nobody in the NHL really goes out of their way as much as Kane and Reaves do to try to absolutely sewer the other to the media. It’s awesome. It’s Grade A entertainment. But now it looks like the rivalry has made its way out of the rink.

Las Vegas ReviewSan Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has 500,000 more reasons to dislike Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas filed a lawsuit Monday in Clark County District Court alleging Kane failed to pay back $500,000 in gambling markers the casino extended to him in April.

The court documents state that Kane, who is a Canadian citizen, took out eight credits of varying amounts between $20,000 and $100,000 on or about April 15. That date would have fallen between Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup first-round playoff series between the Sharks and the Vegas Golden Knights.

So here’s the thing–I’m not a huge casino guy and if I ever find myself in a casino, I’m just finding the cheapest blackjack table I can camp out at for either the rest of the night or until I run out of money. So I have absolutely no idea what the standard protocol is when it comes to taking out $500,000 in gambling markers. Is there an agreed upon repayment date? Can you just send a check in the mail or do you have to show up to The Cosmopolitan to pay it back? What if The Cosmopolitan just got Venmo? Could Evander Kane just pay them back there? I have no idea.

With that being the case, all I can say here is that this will just continue to add to an already incredible rivalry which has blossomed into one of the purest hatreds in the National Hockey League. And if you thought this rivalry was heated before, it’s about to get so much uglier now that lawyers and money is involved. I mean this thing is about to get nasty. What sucks is that the Sharks and Golden Knights have already played twice this regular season and Kane was suspended for both of them. So we only get two more episodes of the Sharks vs the Knights left this season, especially since the Sharks have been an absolute disaster so far this year and it doesn’t look like another playoff series is in the works. But the good news is that Sharks vs Knights round 3 is coming up in 2 weeks. Sharks head to Vegas on the 21st. Should be an absolute gongshow in every sense of the word.

While we wait, let’s enjoy some Evander Kanes vs Ryan Reaves.