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Whoops! Lady Almost Falls To Her Death Trying To Take An Instagram Of Her Mom At The Grand Canyon

Hate. When. That. Happens. One second you’re trying to take a picture for the gram, the next your life is flashing before your eyes because your MOM forced you to the edge of the Grand Canyon to do it. Then apparently yelled at you for fucking it up? I mean, it wasn’t a friendly shove…

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 9.57.23 AM

…it had more of a premeditated vibe. Maybe this was her plan the whole time- bring her up there to take a picture then coax her towards the crack and hope for the best. From what I hear, children can be very expensive. In all seriousness though, twelve people per year die at the Grand Canyon and a shit ton more die taking selfies so she should consider herself lucky. If I’m her that’s the last time I go on a hike with mom. Hopefully she got her shot.