KFC Has Made The KFC Version of the Big Mac Called the Big Boss but It's Only Offered in Canada

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FB - When it comes to the Big Mac, there have been many contenders for the throne through the years. We’ve seen incarnations of the famous McDonald’s sandwich ranging from the Big Carl to the Bonus Jack and even the Big King. Now, KFC Canada has thrown their buckets into the arena with the new Big Boss sandwich. Starting off like a regular Big Mac, the sandwich comes with cheese, pickles, onions and a signature special sauce on a sesame seed bun. Now here’s where things take a pretty hard left turn. Instead of two burger patties, the Big Boss boasts two crispy breaded all-white meat chicken filets. With other fast food chains simply recreating the Big Mac, KFC seems to have taken the “no fucks given” route and made it their own. I mean, we’ve all seen the Double Down right? Sadly, the Big Boss is only available at Canadian locations. Our arteries weep.


Holdddd the phone. What a disgrace! Kentucky Fried Chicken CANADA? Am I taking crazy pills? Someone tell me I’m taking crazy pills. How does KFC decide to make their version of the Big Mac, and then ship it on up to Canadaland to rot and go to waste? Send that sumbitch down to the US of A and let us true patriots have our way with it. If we don’t like it, we give it to our hat up north and they douse it in syrup and call it a day. If we love it, we let Canada have it too, because that’s what friendly neighbors do. I just HATE only Canada gets to try this. We invented fast food. We are fast food. If KFC is making a fake big mac, I should get to try it before Eskimos. It’s only fair.

PS: Chickfila Sauce>>>>>>>>>>>>Big Mac Sauce.


PS: I’ve still yet to have a Big Mac, but I have had the sauce on a McChicken. Wasn’t that impressed by it.