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What Was Dumber For Wisconsin Fans: This Court Or Greg Gard's Stupid Coaching Decision That Cost Wisconsin The Game?

First things first this game took place at the Pentagon in South Dakota. The place is typically awesome, but this court design left me baffled last night. I mean what are we doing here? We couldn't get this court more prepared for the first game of the season? 4 three point lines? That seems a tad aggressive. Some would say stupid. 

But my question is was it dumber than what we saw out of Greg Gard? 

In case you missed it, there were a couple baffling decisions. Now, I should preface that I wasn't exactly the biggest Greg Gard fan. If you're a Wisconsin fan and read this, you know that. I don't get what makes him so good besides the fact he was there with Bo Ryan. He hasn't adapted and outside of a surprise run to the Sweet 16 I wouldn't exactly say he's done anything to win people over. 

Greg Gard decided not to foul down 1 in overtime. Mind you this cost the over from hitting, but also it just handed Wisconsin a loss. By playing it out (St. Mary's missed a jumper, grabbed the offensive rebound and was fouled) Gard thought getting the ball with roughly 5 seconds left down either 1, 2 or 3 was a better decision than stretching the game out. Oh, one more thing.

St. Mary's was in the one-and-one still! 

It was the dumbest coaching decision I saw last night and one that would drive me insane if I was a Wisconsin fan. Despite losing Happ you're not in full rebuild mode and actually have a chance for a quality win right off the bat. But not being able to get to the rim or create anything at the end of regulation and then this coaching decision puts you at 0-1. 

So I want to know from Wisconsin fans - what pissed you off more last night? The court or Greg Gard? (The answer should be Greg Gard. It was horrendous coaching).