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Apparently The Ghost From 'The Ring' Is Alive And Well In Norway


As a jumper plunged onto the trampoline from a window, a spooky figure could be seen crawling out from underneath.

The mystery person has been described as “Samara from The Ring” by some on Reddit.

“Only other explanation is that they knew this person was there.”

Another person admitted: “Well I have chills all over my body now.”

The video was shared under the r/Ghosts page by Reddit user Spidersaredisgustang.

The Snapchat video was captioned in Norwegian with “se nesten overst tie venter” — or “look to the top left”.

Here are two link to two better, clearer videos via Reddit and Daily Mail because it’s impossible to embed non youtube videos on our website.  

My two biggest fears on the planet are spiders and paranormal/religious shit.  Both freak me the fuck out.  Unless we’re talking about a 3:30pm text message from Frankie Borelli saying “can you call into Barstool Radio” they’re the two scariest things on earth as far as I’m concerned.  Anytime I see a spider crawl across my coffee table or something I immediately think about burning my apartment down.  That is until I have a come to Jesus moment and settle for sucking it up with the vacuum hose instead.


A few weeks back, Chief mentioned that I should find a some super orthodox Catholic Church and get an exorcism so I stop fucking up mundane facts and words in blogs.  He honestly believes I might be possessed by some  bad luck and stupidity demon.  FUCK that.  I don’t fuck with god and demons and the possessed.  Even Eddie was like “yeah… naw.  I don’t wanna be around Dave if he’s exposed to all that weird religious shit.”  There are lines I will draw for content and getting my stupidity exorcised by a Catholic Priest is one of them.

Oh, and after seeing the ghost from The Ring popping out from under the trampoline here?  Yeah, my first thought was “we gotta nuke Norway, like right now”.  Now I’m not positive if ghosts can survive nuclear bombs or radiation poisoning.  Maybe they have some protective shield like the aliens in Independence Day.  But maybe they don’t.  That said I think it’s worth taking a shot.  Sorry Norway.  You’re canceled.