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Sparty Got Caught Planning Nothing But Evil For Tyrese Maxey The Moment Right After Maxey Ripped MSU's Heart Out

Well, this is exactly what I needed to see. I mean if I didn't need to love Tyrese Maxey anymore than making sure we see UK get that win (and cash a UK +3 ticket). But seeing Sparty in the background look like he wants to murder Maxey? I'm just going to sit here and laugh even more. I'm going to sit here and think even higher of Maxey. This man is out here causing one of the more 'intimidating' mascots (what a weird thing mascots are) tapping his fingers like he's debating running right there on that court and tackling him. 

But you know what? There's only one person in this image that's capable of ripping a heart out and we saw it happen. 

And that Sparty is what cold-blooded looks like.