"I'm Gonna Develop This Bench" - Jim Boylen Gave The World's Worst Press Conference Directly After Blowing A 17-Point Lead At Home To The Lakers

For those of you not tied to the agony of Chicago sports, the Bulls got outscored 70-41 in the 2nd half and 38-19 in the 4th. They lost by 6 so pretty simple math on how absolutely fucking crushing this loss is. 

And even so Jim Boylen manages to upstage that disaster with his press conference. Specifically when asked, if he could do it all over again, whether he would bring the starters back in the 4th quarter. If you look closely, you'll see the Bulls were outscored 29-6 with 3:53 left in the 4th, most of that time occupied by Bulls' reserves.

Here's Jimbo's take: 

"No I wouldn't bring the starters back sooner. I'm going to develop this bench and I'm going to develop this team. I've got 15 guys to develop. We're going to develop that second group and we're going to develop that bench here in Chicago." - Jim Boylen, Chicago Bulls Head Coach

And with that, Taco Tuesday is significantly less funny. 

Benny The Bull is still objectively awesome. Everything else in this city may suck but at least we got Benny. 

Tune in tomorrow for an in-depth power rankings of Chicago's head coaches. Unfortunately for us, Jim's got some competition when it comes to being the absolute worst.