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Oklahoma Kid Drills A Halfcourt Shot To Win Free Tuition For An Entire Year And Has No Idea How To React

Quick question: does this kid know he just won free tuition for the year? Because I don't know if he's in shock or just legit doesn't know what just happened. I mean how many fans dream of this moment? You get your name called to do a halfcourt shot, you drill it and you celebrate. Nope. This kid just walks around aimlessly like it was nothing. 

Either way what a feeling this has to be. I can't imagine the feeling of hitting this shot in front of everyone and then going to the bar knowing you either saved yourself or your parents a shit ton of money. That's gotta be a top-1 party night. Everyone remembers you as the kid who drills the shot. Sure, Oklahoma might be tied with UTSA at half, but the point is you made the shot here. 

Just have a little excitement for me one time.