Not Enough People Are Talking About Jorge Masvidal Faking The Flying Knee In His Fight This Weekend

Obviously, coming out of UFC 244, there was a lot to talk about. Our main event - Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal for the BMF Championship - was stopped by a doctor after the third round, The Rock had a full on ENTRANCE before presenting the title to the winner, Kevin Lee sent Gregor Gillespie's head into the eighteenth row with a head kick, Johnny Walker's hype train was halted, and hell - the mothafuckin PRESIDENT was in attendance for all of it! 

Storylines out the ass, really, but one thing I feel that's been lost in the fray undeservedly is Jorge Masvidal's hysterical flying knee fake-out to open the fight. This was an amazing nod to the greatest finish I've ever seen with my own two eyes, and an even better way to kick this fight off. It set the tone early! Jorge was just letting Nate know that he could unleash the knee any time he wanted to, and making one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time flinch and run in the process.

In his last bout, he actually threw that knee to earn himself the fastest knockout in company history...

...and even before that, he attempted some crazy running shit against Darren Till (which unfortunately just resulted in a cockshot): I'm more than cool with Masvidal just playing this will he/won't he game to get into the minds of all of his opponents. Tell me you wouldn't be shittin yourself if you looked across the cage and saw that savage with his hands tucked behind his back! You wouldn't know WHAT is comin your way. I fucking love it.

P.S. I haven't blogged about this clip yet, so I'll address it here:

1. Me in the media room as Jorge was talking this shit...

2. Masvidal's pizza eating methods impressed me. Dude HOUSED two double stacks (four total slices) during that presser.

3. I am personally not interested in Masvidal/McGregor. I'd rather see Masvidal/Covington or Masvidal/Khabib while McGregor fights Cowboy/Gaethje/Tony/Diaz/maybe even Yair Rodriguez who's thrown his name in the hat as of late.