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Max Kellerman Has Mashed Potatoes For Brains, Thinks That Eagles Receivers Can't Catch Because Carson Wentz Can't Lead

***EXCLUSIVE*** inside-look at Max Kellerman's brain: 

I feel like the Carson Wentz debate should be considered a litmus test for anybody's ability to have a valid opinion on anything sports related. If your stance on the subject is anything other than "Carson Wentz is the least of this team's issues and it's not like he can throw the ball and also run down field to catch it himself", well then that opinion should probably just stay in that tiny little head of yours. If you watch this play right here and you come up with any shred of blame that doesn't fall directly on Alshon Jeffery, then maybe you should just join a book club or something if you love to hear yourself talk so much.

Now the thing here is that Max Kellerman is a noted bad opinion haver. I feel like his entire brand is built on "what the fuck is this guy talking about?". So nobody should even consider taking what he's saying here seriously. But just for shits and gigs, what if what he's saying is right? What if Alshon Jeffery made a decision in his head that he doesn't like Carson Wentz and because of that, he's not even going to be a top 30 wide receiver in the league. If that were to be the case, then what the hell is Max Kellerman even trying to say here? Because that would 100% be an Alshon Jeffery issue rather than a Carson Wentz issue if there's a professional athlete who is purposefully not doing their job to the best of their capabilities just because they don't like a guy. But the way that Mashed Potatoes Max sets it up, it's like he'd be blaming Carson Wentz for Alshon Jeffery throwing a season long tantrum. Tough look for the brain on that one. 

But that's not the case here. Honestly I don't know what the case actually is. I mean Alshon has been dealing with a calf/ankle/lower body injury for most of the season so there's a good chance that injury is messing with his head a little. It's not like a calf injury impacts your hands so you'd think he'd still be able to catch the ball, but if you're constantly thinking about your leg being hurt then that's going to take away from some of your concentration. Either way, there's really no answer as to why the Eagles wide receivers have been hot hot garbage this season. But to think that it's because Carson Wentz isn't a leader and guys would be playing like shit just because they don't like the guy doesn't make a lick of sense. Because if it comes down to Carson Wentz or Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles side with Carson. If it comes down to Carson Wentz or Nelson Agholor, the Eagles side with Carson. Mack Hollins, JJ Arecega-Whiteside, DeSean Jackson, quite literally anybody else on this roster? The Eagles side with Carson. So basically what Max Kellerman is trying to say here is that guys would intentionally try to lose their job with the Eagles and intentionally fuck up their own stats which would then fuck up their next contract just because they don't like a guy. Not sure if you know anything about professional athletes or not but they typically want to make as much money as possible. That kind of throws a wrench into that whole argument. 

P.S. - No, the Eagles should not sign Antonio Brown. But Golden Tate looked pretty decent last night. If only the Eagles could ever get lucky enough to land a receiver like that.