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Breaking News: Mike Francesa To Leave Afternoon Drive (Again) In December...The Fart Killed HIm.

I had seen some mention of this in articles about Mike recently. Be it guys like Marchand or Neil Best with a couple lines here and there saying things like “Its no secret that Mike is on his way out” or something to that effect. That had taken me off guard since, ya know, he just retired and un-retired but I guess we are here again to do this dance. This obviously will be a lot less of a retirement and more of a shift to and his app, instead of WFAN. But nonetheless, its (probably) the end of an era (for real this time.) Im sure Chris Carlin is really happy. Along with Maggie and Bart. Just as CMB got the boot and then Continent basically got forced out, Mike’s like “Eh you know what I’m tired of this I’m gonna call it a day again.” Real shitty turn of events for those guys, but thats the business, I suppose.

Hopefully this move works out for all parties. Hopefully Mike is happy in his second career on the internet, the Mongos still get their Francesa fix, and I would love to see Maggie and Bart get their shine if they get a slot of their own back. To be honest, the first time around they were doomed from the jump trying to replace Mike. But this time around, after some people soured on Mike and there was somewhat of a ratings slip and what not, I think they’d be much more welcome. I have no clue what WFAN’s plan is, but I think the point is that whoever it is this time, whoever it is will have a much fairer shot of replacing Mike. The first retirement it was following in the footsteps of a living legend with shoes way too big to fill. This time around its like “Hey just dont fart on air and we’ll like you.”