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John Oliver Ripped FIFA To Shreds Last Night On His Show And It Was Great


So this is becoming kind of a weekly thing now.  John Oliver tackles a big issue that’s going on in the world on his new half hour HBO show and ends up so purely hitting the nail on the head that there’s nothing else to do but applaud.  Last week it was net neutrality and this week it’s FIFA and the World Cup.  Exposing the soccer governing body for it’s dark under belly like such things as rampant corruption, bribery, being a “non-profit organization” and horrible working conditions.  It’s a depressing subject but Oliver delivers it with humor and actual facts.  It’s fantastic stuff.  Yes, the video is long but it’s more than worth your time.  Stash it for your lunch break or point your middle finger at the man on this Monday and watch it right now.

PS- As a huge fan of The Daily Show I was super excited when Oliver got his own show.  The people at HBO were clearly impressed by how he did when he stepped in for Stewart when he went off to the middle east to make a movie.  I was skeptical about the only once a week format for Oliver’s show.  I was wrong. It’s great.  The big segments are borderline flawless.  And he’s so damn goofy and likable that it works completely.