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Best Story In College Hoops: Andrew Jones Playing For Texas After Beating Cancer Because 'His Jumper Didn't Go Anywhere'

[Source] - Jones practiced with the team and finally finished his treatments in September, Smart said. Jones wasn’t listed as a starter for Tuesday night’s season opener against Northern Colorado, but he figures to be among the team’s top six players right now.

“He’s earned the right to go in the game and play significant minutes,” Smart said.

“His jump shot didn’t go anywhere,” Smart said.

This is by far the best story in college hoops and really just sports right now. Two seasons ago Andrew Jones had his season cut short because he had to fight leukemia. I mean it's bullshit that anyone has to do that, but it's always crazy when you hear a top-level college athlete battling that. You hear the word leukemia or cancer and your mind immediately goes to the worst place, because cancer sucks. 

At the time, Jones was a star for Texas. Some thought he would be an NBA player as a combo guard with his ability to score and good size at 6’4″. He upped his 3-point shooting from 32 to 46% while shooting the same amount of threes, another sign that he was developing to that NBA type of player many thought.

He's now battled cancer and a fractured toe over the last two years. He actually made an appearance last year and got a bucket before the toe injury happened and more cancer treatments. 

But hearing that he's going to play significant minutes? That's AWESOME. Even better is the quote by Shaka Smart. Like yeah, he may have lost weight and battled cancer but he can still shoot the shit out of the ball. It's just a perfect quote for a dude like Andrew Jones who put out videos of him playing hoops with a mask on during cancer treatments. 

Here's hoping Andrew Jones balls out this year and as always fuck cancer.