Troy Aikman Hasn't Figured Out Twitter Yet


This was Troy Aikman’s attempt to get in the pants of  W-list Hollywood actress Mari Morrow yesterday.  I mean, where do you even begin breaking down what went wrong with this?  You could spend hours in the meeting room telestrating all the mistakes here.  The obvious one being that he sent a DM out ot 986,876 followers.  Not to mention he spelled his road beef’s name wrong. And maybe his worst blunder of all was the emoticon at the end.  I know Aikman had his share of concussions and working alongside Joe Buck all these years will damage your brain.  But has all that damage made him think he’s a 14 year old girl?  But like Sun Tzu said, every battle is over before it is fought, and this Tweet is no exception.  You’re Troy frickin Aikman. You made the NFL Top 100 list.  You’ve got three rings.  You’re in the Hall of Fame.  More than being a great quarterback, you were a great quarterback in Dallas, Texas.  You should be top of the Lone Star State babe food chain.  You should be banging beauty queens and country stars and cheerleader captains three and four at a time.  Not trolling for some nobody who starred in Malibooty, Restraining Order, Afro Ninja and Road Trip: Beer Pong.  With great power comes great responsibility.  And Hall of Fame QBs need to have Hall of Fame ass-pulling game.