Wake Up With One Of The Best Reno 911 Sketches Ever

I never really got into Reno 911.  It was more one of those shows that I’ve seen a ton of but would never go out of my way to watch.  Kinda like Family Guy – would be laying on the couch, cruising through channels, stumble upon it and watch like 4-5 episodes in one sitting every few weeks.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t piss pants funny though.  Some of the skits were fucking hilarious.  This DUI stop still makes me keel in laughter every time I watch it.

Here’s another couple of good ones.  Unfortunately there are a few I want to link but can’t because Comedy Central is notoriously tough on copyright shit.  But if you know what I mean by “watch the poop watch the poop!” then you’re a real one.