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Wake Up With Every Single One Of Juan Soto's Dick Grabbing Shuffles From The Playoffs

So this was a big topic of conversation this postseason, the Soto Shuffle. He would do it after a ball in each of his at-bats. Fun Fact, he’s been doing it much longer than just this postseason. He def was doing the shuffle early in the season, and I think he even did it last season. I swear I remember seeing him do it and obviously thought he was charging the mound at first, then he just grabbed his junk and shuffled back. It’s a weird move, sure. Does it get in the pitchers head? Probably not. We saw a few times where the pitchers did something back, one of the Cards got a bit upset at it and motioned back to him after a ground out, and we saw Greinke buzz Soto’s tower after he did it. It’s different, thats for sure. But when you are an absolute stud and a half like Soto is, you can get away with stuff like that. If you’re one of the people who don’t like seeing the Soto Shuffle, I got some bad news for you, it’s here to stay and he still has a fullllll career ahead of him. That’s a lot of dick grabbing.