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Fuck The Black Cat That Just Ran Wild At MetLife Stadium And Has Appeared To Curse The Giants

What the fuck, man? Doesn't that cat know the Jets are supposed to be the New York football team that has cursed shit happen to it? In fact, I bet that little fucker lives in the Jets locker room. The Giants already have it hard enough dealing with Pat Shurmur as coach and a black hole on defense. They shouldn't have to worry about the dark magic of the occult showing up in primetime and throwback jersey mojo only can do so much.

Everything was going pretty well for the Giants. A couple of weird turnovers by the Cowboys, a sustained drive that actually led to a touchdown, and Daniel Jones not exploding while showing off that he is better than both his offensive tackles.

Then that big pussy shows up followed by the Cowboys scoring a preposterous touchdown on a broken play, Daniel Jones throwing a pick, and Brett Maher booming a goddamn field goal from Piscataway. If it wasn't for Kevin Harlan's tremendous call, I'd drive to Jersey and kick that stray cat's ass myself.


P.S. Big Cat is wrong for this and he knows it.